How to comment on this blog

Jan Hlavacek · 2019/04/09 · 1 minute read

This blog uses to enable commenting on posts. Utterances use GitHub issues to keep track of commens. Basically the way it works is, when you comment, an issue will be created on GitHub with your comment. Utterances then finds all issues related to a post, and displays them as comments at the bottom of the post.

This makes it easy for me, because all your comments are available to me on GitHub, where I can easily access and manage them.

What it means for you

To post a comment to a post on this blog, you need to make sure that:

  1. you have a GitHub account, and
  2. you do not block third party cookies from

If you find out that you cannot post a comment even after logging into your GitHub account, it probably means that your browser blocks third party cookies. In most browsers, even if you block third party cookies, you can add exceptions for individual sites. To be able to comment on this site, you need to allow cookies from

Edit this page on GitHub.